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From the Desk of our General Manager
The Year Ahead for LATICRETE Australia
Happy New Year – the team at LATICRETE Australia hope you’ve had time to relax with your family & friends and are ready for a prosperous 2018!

How we build, the Construction Products we use, the Construction Services we utilise will all be improved and are different from the products and methods of a few years ago.

The industry and building standards may change, but some things remain constant:

LATICRETE Australia’s Vision for 2018 is:
To be one of the top manufacturers and suppliers in the Oceania Region, providing high quality tile and flooring installation materials, measured by: revenue and brand awareness in the construction and professional community.

LATICRETE Australia’s Mission for 2018 and beyond is:
We aim to ease the work of the installer, improve the durability of buildings and create lasting customer relationships. We do this by manufacturing safe, innovative building materials and treating customers, employees and partners like family.

Should you find that our team is not living by our Vision or Mission – please email me directly: We would love to hear from you on things that we do well and most importantly things that we can and must improve on.

Emma Tschannen

Featured Articles
Product Spotlight

LATICRETE offers a professional and retail line of care and maintenance products for tile, natural stone, grout, and masonry surfaces. Each line provides unique natural look sealers, enhancing sealers and specialised cleaners. Whether it's natural stone, tile, grout or another type, if your surface has some porosity it can stain with water, oil and food-based liquids. Natural-look sealers protect but do not alter the surface. All-in-one enhancing sealers darken and/or add a desired shine all while protecting the surface. Specialised cleaners in a range of daily and heavy duty cleaning solutions can help to remove stains without damaging the surface. For more information, view/download the Keeping Stone & Tile Beautiful™ brochure or the STONETECH Surface Care Product Guide brochure.  

Article by: Fred Gray, Technical Service Manager

LATICRETE and STONETECH®, two names synonymous with innovation, high quality and technical advancement. As someone who has been associated with the best tile installation products on the planet for more than two decades, it’s only fitting that our professional and retail line of STONETECH Stone & Tile Care & Maintenance product range is of the same calibre. Let’s face it, you would only be able to call the best sealer on the market BulletProof®. STONETECH® BullletProof® gives you the best opportunity to clean up spills before they do any permanent damage.

There is literally an arsenal of STONETECH products to Protect, Clean and Transform your stone or tile and ..
. Read more.

Hot Weather Tiling and Grouting
Hints and Tips

Summer months in Australia are always hot, hot and more hot! There are important things to consider to ensure the best installation of your projects over the next couple of  months.
Conventional Portland cement tile-setting beds, thin-set mortars, cement plasters and stuccos are often permanently damaged when subject to hot, dry temperatures or desert climates immediately after installation. High temperatures remove the water content of the mortar required for Portland cement hydration, curing and strength development. To ensure the best installation of your projects, read our helpful hints and tips for tiling and grouting in hot weather. Click here to read the TDS-1018: Hot Weather Tiling and Grouting.

Reap the Rewards Through Training
LATICRETE Training Seminars

At LATICRETE we offer training and classes that discuss commercial, residential and industrial tile and stone installation practices and industry standards. Gain a better understanding of the construction industry, learn trade definitions, performance requirements and how to solve and avoid job problems.

We provide hands-on training regarding concrete floor restoration and resin coatings for LATICRETE stockists, installers and other professionals. The training includes becoming familiar with LATICRETE profitable, productive time saving products and our in-depth technical support.

Click here for more info and to view our available seminar dates.


Product training at your fingertips

LATICRETE University e-learning program makes it possible for anyone within the industry to train on industry standards from the comfort of your home or office 24/7 and it's FREE.  Haven't registered yet? Here's how it works:

Register for FREE!

  • Watch short video tutorials on a variety of different topics
  • Take a short test that will measure your knowledge
  • Upon the successful completion of a segment, a training certificate is provided

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Projects / Articles of Interest

A new build private residence in Indooroopilly, QLD, Australia, consisted of nearly 1200m2 of construction including a pool, spa and water feature. Skilled designer, Owen Rentoul, helped in the creation of the project design, and Tim Stewart Architects were engaged to assist with the project drawings. 1200x600mm large format marble from SNB Stone and 40x40mm glass mosaics from Trend Mosaics, which were new to Australia and not used before, were used on the pool, spa, and water feature. The installation of these tiles required more than the above-average application technique. With award winning skills from Sam Gardener Tiling and LATICRETE solutions, the project was completed with exceptional quality and ease of mind. Continue reading.

Commercial restore flooring represents one of the most demanding applications for concrete floor coatings. Systems must be completely impermeable with high abrasion, chemical and stain resistance qualities.  SPARTACOTE™ is pleased to provide a number of floor coating systems that are suitable for restroom flooring. Commonly specified systems include our SPARTACOTE Chip™, SPARTACOTE Quartz™, SPARTACOTE VIVID DYE™ and SPARTACOTE Seal™ systems.
Contractors examined a restroom floor coating that was completed at Aces Tavern. The system used, SPARTACOTE SEAL™ Clear Sealer over a weathered concrete floor.  Continue reading.
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