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From the Desk of our General Manager
2017 - What lies ahead?
Happy New Year – the team at LATICRETE Australia hope you’ve had time to relax with your family and are ready for a prosperous 2017.

How we build, the Construction Products we use, the Construction Services we utilize will all be improved and are different from the products and methods of a few years ago.

The industry and building standards may change, but some things remain constant:

LATICRETE Australia’s Mission for 2017 is no different to any other year:
We aim to ease the work of the installer, improve the durability of buildings and create lasting customer relationships. We do this by manufacturing safe, innovative building materials and treating customers, employees and partners like family.

LATICRETE Australia’s Vision for 2017 and beyond is to be a top ten construction chemical company that is measured by a degree of globalization, revenue and brand awareness in the professional community.

Should you find our team is not living by our Mission or have lost our Vision – please email:

We would love to hear from you – things that we do well and most importantly things that we can and should improve on.

Emma Tschannen
Featured Articles

Product Spotlight


HYDRO BAN is a thin, load bearing waterproofing or crack isolation membrane that DOES NOT require fabric in the field, coves or corners. HYDRO BAN is a single component self curing liquid rubber polymer that forms a flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane that bonds directly to a wide variety of substrates.
It meets the requirements of AS4858 and AS4654. Continue reading here.

Hot Weather Tiling & Grouting

Hits and Tips from LATICRETE Technical Services

Summer is here and its important to know that conventional Portland cement tile-setting beds, thin-set mortars, cement plasters and stuccos are often permanently damaged when subject to hot, dry temperatures or desert climates immediately after installation. High temperatures remove the water... Read this article.

The Solution for Cracks

By Neil Warden, LATICRETE Australia Sales Manager

LATICRETE L&M™ Joint Tite 750™ is a 2 part 100% solids self-leveling rapid set polyuria joint filler. This product is designed to fill interior cracks and control joints and can be used to protect joints and edges from spalling. Continue reading.

Welcome to the LATICRETE Team
Announcement: Neil Warden, LATICRETE Australia Sales Manager

We are excited to announce Shane Anderson has joined the LATICRETE Australia team as a Technical Sales Rep servicing QLD alongside Mitchell Haw.
Shane comes to us with a wealth of knowledge. Read more.


Product info available at your fingertips
Need to calculate product coverage or get more information on the jobsite, in the store aisle or on the go? LATICRETE has you covered with our industry-first iPhone and Android apps! Read more.    

Projects / Articles of Interest

LATICRETE products in this system brochure are recommended for the installation of ceramic tile, concrete paver and natural stone where an “Extra Heavy Duty” installation is required normally associated with transit ways, roads, footpaths and streetscapes.

These systems are particularly suited to roads and areas required to handle heavy vehicular traffic. 

After years of use, areas of the existing concrete floor coating at the Toyota® Parts Distribution Centre in Vancouver, B.C, had worn through and was in need of restoration. Toyota had a long-time concrete floor repair partner, Roselli Construction, to evaluate the floor and make a recommendation. There was a big challenge in this project, as they would only have the weekend to do the concrete floor work. Continue reading.
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